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“Stair of Elegance” on “Surreal Magazine” Inoculate Issue of September 2017 with interview,

“Here to Seduce You” on “Elegant Magazine” of October 2017

“Noble Portrait” on “Feroce Magazine” of November 2017

“Good Girl Gone Bad” on “Beauty Mute Magazine” # 54 of May 2018

“A Girl’s Fashion Week-End” on “Salysé Magazine” the Decades Issue of May 2018

“Sisterhood” on “Beauty Mute Magazine” #76 of August 2018

“Urban Wanderer” on “Provocator Magazine” n°7 vol.1 of September 2018

“Kate” on “Kansha Magazine” chapter 16 of September 2018

“Walking around Mitte” on “Shuba Magazine” #17 vol.2 of October 2018

“Walking Till Evening” on “Provocator Magazine” n°7 vol.3 of October 2018

“Autumn is here” on “Elléments Magazine” set 4 of November 2018